Month: January 2013

Does your body language sabotage communication?

It is said that a whopping 65% of the message others receive from us in a face-to-face conversation is non-verbal. That means not just what we look like, and what we wear, but our body language. If our body language conflicts with our words it is likely we won’t be believed. At the least, the other person will be left feeling unsure of our sincerity.

Try this!

Identify an assertive person of the same sex whose body language you admire. Study what they do, how they hold themselves, their gestures. Then decide which aspects of their behaviour you would like to copy. Try them out in a non-threatening situation such as when chatting with friends. It will feel a bit odd at first, but you will be surprised that no-one will consciously notice. They may, though, respond to you more positively. It’s a great feeling. Give it a try. What have you got to lose?