Interesting article on Assertiveness in

What did you think of the article? I know that so many people worry that if they assertively state their needs they won’t be liked any more or will feel as if they are being selfish. But remember to treat yourself with the same respect you would treat others and you won’t go far wrong.

You’ll find many more tips in my book ‘How to be Assertive’, you’ll find it here..¬†


3 thoughts on “Interesting article on Assertiveness in

  1. I agree with the article. I think of assertiveness as respecting myself and others equally, and this article reinforces that. I think we often think of assertiveness as aggressiveness, I wonder if that is because when we are assertive we do not concede to the other persons’ needs before our own.

  2. I think using assertiveness is such a valuable approach. The article outlined the basics, but most people would need more guidance I think.

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